VoIP Solutions

Voice over IP (VoIP)—the use of IP for voice communications—is quickly becoming the technology that businesses are using to connect their telephone systems .

VoIP provides many benefits for all levels of users, from networking equipment manufacturers and designers who are providing next-generation equipment to service providers, who are marketing these services to business and home users.

VoIP offers end-users three major value components:

  • Cost Reduction – VoIP eliminates the use of circuit-switched networks and the associated per-minute long distance fees. Users enjoy a flat monthly Internet access fee. VoIP also reduces infrastructure cost by converging voice and data networks and more fully utilizing available IP bandwidth.
  • Simplicity and Robustness – One device supports voice and data communications and this can result in elegant and simplified infrastructure designs. Integrated networks can also enable dynamic bandwidth optimization and fault-tolerant designs.
  • Advanced Applications – Because VoIP utilizes a compressed and packetized digital format, the potential for advanced multimedia, multi-service applications are virtually limitless. These include Web-enabled call centers, collaborative white boarding, remote telecommuting and personal productivity applications such as unified message handling.

With our VoIP services, and solutions your company will be getting the most from this technology.

  • IP PBX Design/Setup: We specialize on IP PBX design & installation for Small/Medium Business with high cost efficiency – ASK US FOR A QUOTE
  • Termination: We can provide you with termination to specific destinations or the complete A to Z
  • HOSTED PBX: Ask us for HOSTED PBX services. Our state of the art IP PBX solution allow us to provide you with high a high quality HOSTED PBX solution.